Improve the energy efficiency of production and ensure the reliability of market pulp invoicing

Pulp invoicing is based on pulp saleable mass (90% dry material content) which is measured during production with bale weighing and online moisture measurement. A measurement error can affect overdrying, which is unnecessary waste of energy, and invoicing error.

In case the amount of dry material is greater than the measured one, a buyer gets some fibre for free. If the error is opposite, the buyer gets extra water, instead of fibre. The opposite error leads also to useless transportation of water. It can also create costs when a customer makes reclamation.

Check the uncertainty of your pulp invoicing with a calculator. Open the calculator

The best way to improve your energy efficiency and reliability of invoicing is to decrease the uncertainty of online moisture measurement. The uncertainty can be efficiently degreased by applying traceable calibration methods.

We are specialised in decreasing the uncertainties of online moisture measurements. Our calibration methods are traceable to national or international measurement standards and FINAS-accredited. The service improves energy efficiency and the reliability of invoicing, makes quality assurance easier and decreases the need for laboratory sampling. Less sampling from a running production line also means better safety at work.

Benefits of better measurement

  • Better energy efficiency
  • More reliable invoicing
  • Easier quality assurance
  • + Certificate of Calibration