Pioneering work in improving the profitability and quality of pulp, board and paper production

We improve the quality and profitability of the pulp, board and paper industry by decreasing the uncertainty of online quality measurements. Our service makes it easier to maintain measurement systems and it is impartial.


FINAS-accredited quality system since 1998

We obey a FINAS accredited quality system (EN ISO/IEC 17025, General requirements for the competence, impartiality and consistent operation of laboratories). In 2018 we were accredited for the calibration of online moisture measurements as the first company in the field. A link to the scope of accreditation.

Improval steps of our competence:
1998, FINAS-Accreditation for the calibration of grammage references and company’s quality system
2003, FINAS-Accreditation for the calibration of online grammage measurements
2008, FINAS-Accreditation for weighing (paper, board and pulp samples)
2013, A doctoral dissertation: Improving the Metrological Traceability of Online Dry Grammage Measurements Used in the Paper Industry
2018, FINAS-Accreditation for the calibration of online moisture measurements. A link to an article.

We calibrate all QCS-systems

We have already over 25 years’ experience on the calibrations of different Quality Control Systems (the company was established in 1992). We calibrate the most common grammage and moisture sensors:

  • ABB (Accuray, ABB QCS, Scanpro)
  • Honeywell (Lippke, Measurex MXOpen, DaVinci, Experion MX)
  • Valmet (Valmet IQ)

We have written over 1 200 Certificates of Calibration
including over 17 000 measurement points.



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