Improve energy efficiency and competitiveness of the production line with existing equipment – Increase profitability and quality simultaneously!

The energy efficiency of pulp production can be improved with reliable moisture measurement. Overdrying wastes energy and too high moisture content causes useless transportation of water.

Optimization of raw material consumption and equal quality are vital to the profitability of paper and board industry. When the performance of the measuring equipment in production line are enhanced, the raw material consumption can be optimized more precisely. At the same time, the production quality will improve.
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Improve energy efficiency of the production line and secure the reliability of your invoicing

sellulaskuriPulp invoicing is based on pulp saleable mass (90% dry material content) which is measured during production with bale weighing and online moisture measurement. A measurement error can affect overdrying, which is unnecessary waste of energy, and invoicing error.
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Improve competitiveness of the production line in paper and board machines

jmk_instruments_etusivuIn the paper and board industry the consumption of the raw materials in production line is controlled by moisture and grammage measurements. More accurate consumption of raw materials improves profitability and quality of production.
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