Stressed by moisture samples?

In the paper and board industry the correctness of online moisture measurement is checked by taking laboratory samples from machine reels. However, the sampling is laborious and the results vary by person and according to seasons.

The alignment of samples with the online measurement is difficult, and the moisture content of the samples change rapidly. It takes also a lot of time to get the results from a laboratory.

When the results finally come, it may happen that they deviate from the expected ones. A doubt rises about the real moisture content of product. Does the online measurement give wrong readings, or did the sampling fail?

The best way to confirm correct product moisture content is to decrease the uncertainty of online measurement. Then quality risk is smaller, and there is no need to take so many samples.

The improvement of moisture measurement enables also more precise process control. Better control improves product quality.

Benefits of better measurement

  • Lower quality risk
  • Easier quality assurance
  • Better product quality

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