Improve the profitability and quality of production in paper and board machines

In the paper and board industry the correctness of online moisture measurement is checked by taking laboratory samples from machine reels. However, the sampling is laborious and the results vary by person and according to seasons. It takes also a lot of time to get the results from a laboratory. When the results finally come, it may happen that they deviate from the expected ones.


The best way to confirm correct product moisture content is to decrease the uncertainty of online measurement. Then quality risk is smaller, and there is no need to take so many samples.

We are specialised in degreasing the uncertainty of online moisture measurements. Our calibration methods are traceable to national or international measurement standards and most of them are accredited by FINAS. The improvement of moisture measurement enables also more precise process control. Better control improves product quality.



Benefits of better measurements

  • Better profitability of production
  • Easier quality assurance
  • Better product quality and lower quality risk